Oak Bluffs PA Club raised $25,000 for family left motherless

The PA Club in Oak Bluffs was packed for Saturday night's fundraiser for Bethany's Beat Goes On. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

More than 300 people gathered at the Portuguese-American Club Saturday and raised almost $25,000 for the family of Bethany Haveard, who died on November 6, just 12 days after giving birth to twin girls.

Although Ms. Haveard, a 1996 graduate of Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School had relocated to Pensacola, Fla., with her husband and three other children, she retained strong ties to the Vineyard. A number of family members, including her mother, two sisters, and a brother, live on the Island.

The fundraiser, called “Bethany’s Beat Goes On,” featured a raffle, a bountiful spread of food and musical perfomances. Bethany’s best friend Nancie Nolan and her brother Willy Nevin performed the song “Friends are Forever.”

Jennifer Wiggin, who helped organize the event and has established a foundation to benefit the family, said she was inspired by her friend’s positive spirit and dedication to helping others.

Those interested in donating to Bethany’s family may contact Jennifer Wiggin at 508-237-9850.