Poet’s Corner: Three by George Mills


Three Cinquains

By George Mills


The gods

keep track of us

by our singing. Sing, or

they will think you’re making a break

for it.

Military Cemetery

They lie

in tidy rows,

wave modest flags. How neat

they are when not out killing each


Take a Shower

First, the

bug and the choice:

a little senseless kill-

ing or a little senseless letting


This is the first edition of the Poet’s Corner, a new Martha’s Vineyard Times feature. Dan Waters, former poet laureate of West Tisbury, will welcome contributions from all comers and select poems to be published here. To start, here are three from retired anthropology professor-turned-landscaper, the quixotic George Mills. Mr. Mills was a much loved figure in the Vineyard poetry community. Until his death in 2001, George and his wife Florrie shared a small house in Oak Bluffs, where they hosted frequent gatherings of poets, musicians, activists, and others.

Submissions to Poet’s Corner should be directed to Dan Waters at dan@indianhillpress.com.