Think, although it takes time


To the Editor:

Time is money, the old adage says. And thinking takes time. It’s so much easier not to waste precious time and just to ditto the emotional exclamation, “We don’t need a roundabout.”

Having just circulated to holiday parties to and fro on the Vineyard, I’ve heard many exclamations about the discussion of the year, the great roundabout debate.

Mostly I’ve heard exclamations, not too many thoughtful analyses of anything.

Thanks, Chris Murphy, for your factual and clear commentary published in both local newspapers.

Thanks to our neighbor who comments on the roundabouts in Marston Mills and elsewhere in communities similar to ours, communities that similarly feared the roundabout and that found it, in actuality, quite helpful to traffic patterns and accident prevention.

Thanks to those who have actually read the analytical reports of people who analyze traffic patterns for a living and who are humble enough to trust those analyses.

Thanks to those who have taken the time to learn the difference between a rotary and a roundabout.

As I said in the beginning, time is money. I sorely wish that those who instituted a suit against the roundabout (or is it a rotary?) had taken the time to read the statistical analyses and take a look at roundabouts in other communities similar to ours, and the results of constructing those roundabouts, before committing tax dollars to legal actions that drain our paltry budgets from the ability to do other much more worthwhile things with public money.

We might find that clear thinking takes a bit more time but costs us all fewer dollars in the end.

Elaine Pace

West Tisbury