She did it. Sarah Jean Flanders finished the Charleston half marathon in 1 hour, 56 minutes. In memory of her mother, Joy, she managed to raise over $1,600 for the Melanoma Research Foundation.

Katy Smith had a weekend full of hockey. As if it wasn’t cold enough outside, she decided to spend the weekend at the top of the crease stopping the opposing team’s puck. A great job she did starting for the JV team. The final score was 7-2.

Today is Sarah Mayhew Shipway’s birthday. Heather Herbruck and Elizabeth Oliver celebrate over the next few days, too. Cali Giglio and Silas Abrams celebrated on the 12th, but somehow I forgot to put them in print. They were seven and eight, respectively. Cali was shreddin’ the gnar at Attitash this past weekend. I am pretty sure that is the really cool way to say she went snowboarding. Packed powder is what they found in the Valley. Perfect conditions for a beginner. A pit stop at Chuck E. Cheese rounded out the fun-filled weekend for the first-grader.

Besides pneumonia and the pukes, it’s been a very uneventful week at the Oliver home — if you call Kevin’s trip to the Patriots vs. Broncos game insignificant. His dad, Buddy, bid on the tickets at a fundraiser and won. They froze, but it was good father/son time, not to mention one phenomenal game. Solon had pneumonia last week. Liz made a trip to the ER with one wheezy, dehydrated Delilah, and Kevin returned just in time to take on vomiting Hollis. My oh my, when it rains it pours. At first it looked like Barrett was going to avoid the madness, but he was quickly down for the count and, yes, you guessed it: mom and dad quickly followed suit. Maybe the Friday the 13th worries nabbed you after all. Well wishes to you on Lady Slipper Lane.

Jimmy and Allistair Morgan had tickets to that same game. It must have felt like old home week at Gillette Stadium.

Matt Sponable, formerly stationed with the Coast Guard in Menemsha, happily announces the birth of his first son with his wife, Shannon. Logan was born January 10, weighing in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces. Matt’s current duty is with the USCGC Polar Star, a heavy ice-breaker whose home port is Seattle.

Proud mother Joannie Jenkinson spent Sunday evening hoping to be glued in front of her television set hoping to catch a glimpse of her daughter, Holly Bario, on the Golden Globe Awards. Holly worked on “The Help,” which was nominated for best motion picture. This landed her an amazing seat right up front at the DreamWorks Studio’s table. Alas, due to some hoopla at Direct TV, Joannie struggled to find a way to view her daughter in all of her glory, but just in the nick of time she got it all figured out.

For the past month Genc Bringa has been in town visiting with friends and resting his head at Tim Carroll’s. After bowls of chowder, scallop dinners, and Boston for First Night, he is now back in Bulgaria with high hopes of returning for another summer.

Susan Johnson, whom you may remember from her days at the Library, will be exhibiting her landscape scenes of Beetlebung Farm this month. Be sure to stop in and check out her work.

The Chilmark Democrats have so much to talk about. So Zee Gamson asks all those interested to save Saturday, February 18, from 11 am to 12 noon for a meeting in the Selectman’s Meeting Room in the Town Hall. Curious about the group? Give her a call at 508-645-9738.

Don’t forget the Chilmark School PTO will host 50s/60s night on Saturday the 28th. Merrily Fenner, Sue Smith, and Janice Syslo, with the help of Peter Knight and Mark Mazer, will belt out some tunes and surely knock your bobby socks off. Auction, desserts, dancing. What more can you really ask for on a chilly January night? Call or email me for details.

Spotted in Naples, Florida, by Dick Vincent was a Menemsha Blues tee-shirt. It really is a small world.

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