To a friend


To the Editor:

Loving husband, proud father, and dear friend. A hard working man always striving to better himself, take care of his family, and leave something behind for his grandchildren.

Oulton was held in high regard throughout the aviation community. At work for Battelle certifying baggage handling systems at major airports, he maintained relations with a number of people in the FAA’s Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO), who held offices in the same building. He was an accomplished pilot and a methodical flight instructor, respected by student and flight examiner alike.

Oulton was my flight instructor, hundreds of hours, hundreds of flights to and from, near and far, and often an adventure or as he liked to call it, a mission.

He was calm, cool, and collected. It was only natural to be along or to have him along for the ride. Whether to Plymouth for breakfast or to the Bahamas. He was a mentor to many and friend to all.

Oulton was the kind of guy you would do anything for, because you knew that he was there for you.

He was my best friend, and I will cherish every moment I was lucky enough to spend with him.

Dana Thornton