His wish list


To the Editor:

I gave the following to Rep. Bill Keating at his January 9 public meeting in Tisbury.

Thank you for giving me and other Vineyard residents this chance to address ways that you and other decision makers can help improve our world, and lives.

Following is my hastily prepared wish list.

Cease invasions and occupations of foreign countries. (We should follow the Golden Rule, which states, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We should not invade and exploit foreign countries unless we decide that it’s okay for them to invade and exploit us.)

End secret arrests, indefinite detentions, extraditions, and torture. Provide fair trials to all people — the same as you and I would want to receive.

End cruel treatment of people wanting to emigrate into the US. Instead, treat them like family members.

Change campaign finance laws so that candidates aren’t controlled by the military industrial complex, Monsanto, and other powerful corporations.

Balance our country’s budget, largely by cutting military spending.

Accelerate programs for increasing energy efficiency and harnessing renewable energies.

Phase out fossil-fueled and nuclear power plants.

Reject proposals for more oil drilling in Alaska, the Gulf, and other areas.

Reject the Keystone pipeline proposal.

Halt gas extraction by the fracking method.

End the dumping of hazardous wastes (such as electronics) in foreign countries.

Halt the development of new weapons, including nuclear bombs and space weapons.

Increase programs to end poverty and stabilize the world’s population.

When making decisions, give greatest attention to the recommendations of unbiased individuals and NGOs, and less to industrial representatives.

Thanks again.

Chris Fried