A lunch to enjoy


To the Editor:

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the MV Center for Living’s luncheon at the Grill, where we learned about the Scots on Martha’s Vineyard and the history of the Scottish Society. This was one event of an ongoing program that began last year when we heard speakers, including singers and dancers, tell us about the Wampanoag, Portuguese, black and Jewish cultures that have added so much to our Island community.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to the Center for Living, not only for these monthly events, which enliven otherwise cold winter Saturdays, but for all that they do for the over 55 population. They provide so much for the Island that it’s hard to describe, including medical taxis, respite for family caregivers, emergency food cupboards, and so much more.

If you weren’t at the luncheon this past weekend, it was your loss, but you’re in luck, as the program has just begun for this winter, and you can have the enjoyment of learning about other groups of people who make this such a unique place – not to mention the program-related food provided by the Grill which has been awesome.

The next luncheon is scheduled for February – make sure you look for notices about it in the papers.

Barbara Thomas Murphy