Pleased that the Pledge is in school


To the Editor:

I was very pleased to read the High School View in the MV Times, January 12, about the Pledge of Allegiance being said daily again in school.

Many years ago my husband fought to get flags back in the schools, and when threatened with daily fines from the state the schools finally complied.

I wanted to comment on Ian Tripp’s comments on pledging allegiance to a strip of fabric. That strip of fabric happens to drape the coffins of our fallen soldiers at their funerals. The following is read as the flag is being folded then is honorably presented to the next of kin: “This banner of love and devotion, now being folded, is a living memorial of the courageous thoughts of our comrade, the one you came here to honor this day. The blue field represents the sky that overlooks our land and denotes the watchfulness of God the eternal, the red stripes tell us of the blood, sweat, and tears that have been offered and conquered by our comrade’s devotion to the responsibility of his/her country. The white stripes boldly proclaim the peace that he/she helped to bring to our future generations. This is his/her flag, this is our spiritual heritage. Receive it with the tears of our minds and the faith of our hearts.”

Lastly, looking at the inserted picture, I am confused how the pledge is actually recited. Are there flags in each classroom? Or is it recited using some type of wireless teleprompter? God bless America.

Phyllis Williams

Vineyard Haven

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