Thanks to all


To the Editor:

It was so inspiring to have such a large turnout to the Occupy event, and so positively received. A wonderful group of people worked many hours to put together this program. It consisted of three segments of short videos followed by intimate discussions at 10 round tables, all full mind you. I would say most of the participants were fired up to get more involved, and we promise there will be more events/meetings in the future.

I would also like to thank those that contributed to the community supper that followed. There were many people from the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center, the Unitarian Universalist church, and other individuals who graciously leant both their cooking skills at home and in the kitchen at the event. I would also like to thank the Scottish Bakehouse, State Road restaurant, and Tisbury Market for their contributions of yummy baked goods.

Jeri Dantzig