Aircraft maintenance facility needed here


To the Editor:

As a member of the Martha’s’ Vineyard aviation community for 28 years, still flying an aircraft weekly in and out of our airport, may I express our condolences from all the aviators that were saddened by the recent loss of two outstanding local pilots.

May I take this opportunity to present a safety concern I have written about before that still needs serious consideration.

For at least 28 years, our airport has not supported a mechanical repair facility, commonly called a FBO. As a result, many aircraft have departed our airport, both private and commercial, in need of repair, seeking another airport where there is a repair facility. Pilots cannot afford to fly in aviation mechanics, so sometimes safety is sacrificed due to these budget concerns. This is both alarming and dangerous.

From what I understand, our airport does not want to share gasoline sales, and a FBO needs the added revenues from gasoline sales to support their repair facility. Every other airport I fly into allows the local FBO to share in gasoline sales, so we have a unique, if not dangerous situation here.

I suggest that the Airport Commission strongly consider hosting a repair facility.

Paul Adler

West Tisbury