Community’s nurturing compassion


To the Editor:

On behalf of my family, I extend my sincere thanks to the Island community for its generous support during this difficult time. There were those who doubted my decision early in my youth to anchor my family at the far reaches of an Island away from the effects of “civilized” urban life. The manner in which the Island community embraced and insulated my children from their loss with the most nurturing compassion has made me so proud that I live here and has touched my heart for life.

In particular, I praise the efforts of the Aquinnah Police Department. They have always demonstrated a personal touch that combines intimate sensitivity without the constraints of passing judgment. Their job is not easy. The patience and understanding they bring in such a seemingly effortless style has aided me in ways I will not try here to describe.

There is also the team of men and women who worked so hard to keep Amanda with us those precious extra moments that gave my family their last chance to feel her presence with us. That opportunity is very meaningful to us, so I thank each and every one of you for the gift that will never be taken for granted.

Each of my children has benefited from personalized support, whether it be from the basketball team or local friends sharing their time and hearts. While I don’t wish to embarrass them, my personal thanks go out to Genevieve and Molli, who, with emotional strength that would seem to me way beyond their years, were able to bring some laughter into our homes at a time it was so desperately needed.

I must make amends to my brother-in-law Samuel and apologize for my unfortunate omission in Amanda’s obituary. Sam lives in New York with his two sons, Joseph and Sammy, and is sadly the only remaining child after the loss of sister “Mebbit” only a few years ago here on the Island. My heart goes out to him.

I know there are those who would wish for a more immediate venue where we may share our mutual loss. I ask for your patience. I need to recoup my personal health, facing a new hip on Monday, but am certainly planning a gathering sometime around the end of April turning to May. I would like to have some time to get over the initial shock and sadness, so that we may come together and celebrate in a positive mood Amanda’s life and unique spirit that touched the hearts of so many.

I know I could go on giving thanks and hope I haven’t offended those unmentioned here, as there are so many of you who have helped carry us through this initial phase. I look forward to coming together with you and thanking you personally.

Stephen Hutchinson