Not the Vineyard response we expected


To the Editor:

Having moved to the Vineyard this past summer with a child in the school system, we read with great interest your article about Martha’s Vineyard Charter School children not being allowed on the high school teams.

Yes, the issues of insurance and funding are real and need to be addressed. Since there are plenty of examples throughout the state of schools coming together under cooperative agreements, it is obvious that these issues can be addressed. However, we were surprised and dismayed to read that one of the expressed concerns was “taking playing time away from our students,” followed by “taking care of people in our building first.”

We moved to the Vineyard in search of a community that was just that — a community. The concern over an individual’s playing minutes was a disappointing response. Let’s face it, very few of our children are going to make it to the NHL, NFL, NBA, or MLB. Most of our children are middle-of-the-road athletes just looking to be part of a team and maybe meeting a friend or two along the way. Principal Stephen Nixon’s concern over minutes of playing time only serves to strengthen the invisible wall that divides the schools. Again, his other concerns may be real, but it is hard to work toward a solution unless everyone wants to find a solution.

If we wanted to hear about excluding children so others can have more playing minutes, we could have stayed in the New York City suburbs.

We look forward to working together toward a resolution.

Jonathan Chatinover and Beth O’Connor

AAC Inc.