Rest in peace


To the Editor:

Amanda Hutchinson and I were neophyte beekeepers together. I knew her peripherally, living in the same town, but hadn’t spent any time with her until we both attended a beekeeping workshop last April. Since we both had a few trepidations about the whole enterprise, we decided to try it together.

We each bought hives and set them up at her place. I can’t say our first, and so sadly, only, as it turns out, season of beekeeping was a tremendous success, but we did harvest a little honey, leaving most for the bees. We reveled in the structure of a colony, the industry with which each bee — worker, drone, or queen — had its specific tasks to perform in such harmony.

Amanda was definitely a worker bee (though she could spot the queen like nobody’s business). Did anyone work harder than she? We humans seem to have a harder time living in harmony, but Amanda certainly tried to make life easier for everyone she met. May she rest in peace.

Mitzi Pratt