Martha’s Vineyard Regional HIgh School science fair is Saturday


Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s 13th annual science fair takes place on February 11 in the cafeteria and library. The fair opens to the public at 11 am.

Students will present their projects to judges from 9 to 11 am. The more than 40 judges include visiting scientists from the Island and off-Island communities. An awards ceremony takes place at noon.

This year’s event offers an impressive and interesting variety of projects, according to science teacher and fair organizer Jackie Hermann.

Eighty engineering projects are entered, in addition to 70 investigative projects in the categories of chemistry, biology, physics, earth science, and environmental science.

A repeating crossbow, bio-fuel, a solar oven, an afterlife for egg cartons, a new “homework buddy” application for an iPhone, and the cost effectiveness of solar versus wind energy are among the topics.

The science fair also includes a wind turbine engineering contest in which 34 wind turbines will compete for the best energy output.