Martha’s Vineyard students stand out in Globe arts competition

Gold Key photography: "Flesh Does Not Define Me." — Photo by Sadie Dix

Ten Island high school students brought home the “gold” from the 2012 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards. Their works in photography, drawing, and ceramics were selected for the contest’s top honor, a Gold Key, from almost 14,000 entries in individual categories and as part of portfolios created by more than 6,500 students.

At Martha’s Vineyard Regional HIgh School (MVRHS), 31 of 70 pieces and one portfolio entered in the Globe contest received awards, Art Design and Technology Department chairman Paul Brissette said.

“Our students received more awards this year and in a broader range of categories, than any previous year,” he told The Times. “Our award numbers surpassed many of the larger, metropolitan Boston area schools. I attribute our success to our fine professional staff and the Island community’s belief that the arts are an integral part of a student’s education.”

Nine MVRHS students and one Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School (MVPCS) student received Gold Keys. Seven MVRHS students won Silver Keys. MVRHS students received 15 honorable mentions.

For the Gold Key winners, photography was the dominant category. MVRHS senior Truda Silberstein won a Gold Key for her portfolio of eight photos. As a Gold Key portfolio winner, she was invited to submit two of them for exhibit at the awards ceremony on March 11.

Sadie Dix, Lauren Dostal, Skylah Forend, Fionnuala Howell, Ella Mahoney, and Charlotte Potter also won Gold Keys in photography, as did Charter School student Eli Dagostina. Hannah Moore and Leah Fortes proved the exceptions, winning Gold Keys for ceramics and drawing, respectively.

The Silver Key winners and their categories include Ms. Moore, fashion; Ms. Dix and Charlotte Hall, Kyle Joba-Woodruff, Lila Quinn, and Raz Sayre, photography; and Chantal Booker, ceramics and glass.

Honorable mentions went to Ms. Hall for photography, as well as Bradley Carroll, Samantha Chaves, Lucy Hackney, Raine Monast, and Isabel Smith. Other honorable mention winners include Colby Gouldrup and Sara Thompson, ceramics and glass; Aoife Estes, painting; Caitlin Serpa, drawing; and Kyle Joba-Woodruff, film and animation.

Ms. Moore won two honorable mentions in the mixed media and sculpture categories, and Christine Janak won in mixed media and drawing.

All Gold Key winners will be entered into the national scholastic arts competition, and digital images of their works will be displayed at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Works by gold and silver key winners will be exhibited at the State Transportation Building gallery in Boston from February 13 through April 20. Works by MVRHS students that won honorable mentions will be displayed at the school.

Gold Key winner, MVPCS:

Eli Dagostino, Photography, “Nothing Else Matters”

Gold Key winners, MVRHS:

Sadie Dix, Photography, “Flesh does not define me”

Lauren Dostal, Photography, “The Colors of Our Lives”

Skylah Forend, Photography, “Dancing In The Rain”

Leah Fortes, Drawing, “Portrait in Black and White”

Fionnuala Howell, Photography, “Untitled”

Ella Mahoney, Photography, “Teddy and I”

Hannah Moore, Ceramics & Glass, Snake Pot

Charlotte Potter, Photography, “Beauty and The Beast Portrait”

Truda Silberstein, Photo Portfolio

Silver Key winners, MVRHS:

Chantal Booker, Ceramics & Glass, Fused/ Stained Glass

Sadie, Dix, Photography, “The window goes both ways”

Charlotte Hall, Photography, Untitled

Kyle Joba-Woodruff, Photography, “Grown Children”

Hannah Moore, Fashion, “A Magazine Dress Squared”

Lila Quinn, Photography, “Wish Strings”

Raz Sayre, Photography, “Outside Job”

Honorable Mentions, MVRHS:

Bradley Carroll, Photography, “Picked last for Kickball”

Samantha Chaves, Photography, “A Penny for my Thoughts”

Aoife Estes, Painting, “Charlie”

Colby Gouldrup, Ceramics & Glass, pottery

Lucy Hackney, Photography, “Bullet Holes”

Charlotte Hall, Photography, Untitled

Christine Janak, Drawing, “Silence”

Christine Janak, Mixed Media, “Trapped in Technology”

Kyle Joba-Woodruff, Film & Animation, “To The City And Back”

Raine Monast, Photography, “Here in Spirit”

Hannah Moore, Mixed Media, “My sister and I”

Hannah Moore, Sculpture, “My Burlesque Girl”

Caitlin Serpa, Drawing, “Apparition of an Indian Chief”

Isabel Smith, Photography, “A Drop in the Ocean”

Sara Thompson, Ceramics & Glass, “Apok”