West Tisbury


Mike told me the groundhog saw his shadow last Thursday. Somehow six more weeks of winter doesn’t have much meaning this year. Last week I saw forsythia blooming outside; just a few sparse flowers, but still. Myrtle, hellebores, some pink creeping phlox, and primroses. We have had little white pansies all winter. I plan to do some raking this weekend to uncover the carpet of snowdrops colonizing across our back lawn.

We have been waiting with our friends, Betty and Bill Haynes, for the birth of their latest grandchild. Hannah Elizabeth Haynes arrived on January 31. She is the daughter of Jennifer and Bruce Haynes, sister of Nathaniel, Jessica, and Lily. Although we all wondered if she would be born on February 1 and share her birthday with her grandmother and Aunt Janice, Hannah appears to have had her own plan. As her grandfather remarked, “It’ll be a two-day party every year.”

Don’t forget this afternoon’s public forum regarding the new police station. It will begin at 4:30 at the Public Safety Building. The committee is eager to inform us about their work so far, and to hear everyone’s comments and thoughts. I have seen drawings around town of the proposal, at Conroy’s and the library, as well as in last week’s newspapers. Make sure to be informed.

The Martha’s Vineyard Horse Council will meet tonight, February 9, at 6:30, at the West Tisbury School library.

Richard Paradise is looking for submissions of short films for the 2012 Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival. The event will take place September 6 to 9. For information, www.mvfilmfest.com.

Featherstone has a lot of classes and workshops for adults and kids. One, a Holga Camera class, is taught by West Tisbury photographer, Sam Hiser. Call Featherstone at 508-693-1850 for more information. ACE MV also has some interesting sounding classes this winter. Just in case anyone is looking for things to do. Both have websites, too.

I have been reading Paul Karasik’s blog about his recent trip to Angouleme, France. He taught a two-week Master’s Program and attended the International Comics Festival with his friend and fellow-cartoonist, Art Spiegelman. Paul is very funny. His observations, written in his dry and literate style, kept me interested and amused. Fun to read about, but glad to have him back home. So, too, his wife, Marsha Winsryg, who is preparing for a trip herself, to Africa, where she will visit craftspeople and the school and hospital she helps support with her sales of African crafts.

A short column this week. I was so busy reading about Paul’s adventures in Angouleme, that I didn’t get out looking for news. I guess it’s also our nesting time of the year. So, enjoy it. We will be busier than we want to be before we know it.