Not unfair, but helpful


To the Editor:

Recently the large grain and feed store, SBS, decided to end its participation in the Island Club Card program, stating it felt it was unfair pricing to some customers.

Who’s stopping others from getting/joining the Island Club? It’s one’s simple choice to participate and get a card. No one is stopping them, or making them get one. There’s nothing unfair about fully allowing one to join or choosing not to.

In a desire to as often as possible to support Island businesses, I want to give SBS my money, but I hear more and more that it is likely less expensive to shop off Island for those type products, including the cost of getting the stuff here.

Trying to run a business here is not always easy, but is the Island Club Card so awful? It seems to be a fantastic idea to help us each save some money and join together in the bigger picture of the whole Island’s economy.

Scott Allen Hershowitz