A part of Coast Guard history


To the Editor:

February 18 marks the 60th anniversary of the Pendleton and Fort Mercer disasters in 1952 off Chatham.

Bernard Webber and crew rescued all but one off the Pendleton with the 36-foot motor lifeboat, the famous 36500, during a raging gale with 60-foot seas. It was one of the most amazing rescues ever.

The cutters Yakutat, Unimak, and Eastwind rescued survivors of the Ft. Mercer.

Recently the Coast Guard commissioned the 154-foot Sentinel Class cutter Bernard Webber to be based in Miami. The new cutter’s captain will be at ceremonies in Chatham this Saturday.

Chatham Lifeboat Station will be holding several events and open house aboard 36500 and its other search and rescue vessels from 1 pm to 5 pm.Special guests, including surviving crew members, will be present.

The 36500 served at the Gay Head Lifeboat Station in 1968, along with the 44321,and the 30415.

Just thought the maritime community would be interested.

Wayne V. Iacono

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary