Rest in peace


To the Editor:

Sherry Winnette was personified patience. She was gifted with a calm and sensitive nature, combined with a great sense of humor. Simply put, she loved children and they loved her.

Although it was never coined, she was always a “Grandma Sherry” type. The kids reveled in her involvement and imagination. She was always the soft place to fall, but they stood at attention when she made a firm, but gentle correction.

I had the great pleasure to work with Sherry for many years at Project Headway Pre-school. While we were always trying to meet individual education plan goals, Sherry was the fun teacher, and the kids were naturally drawn to her. She was also the queen of toilet training, and we often called out her name in need this year, when she moved on to work at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services.

During summer school, we labeled one day a week as Science with Sherry. Sherry would start her science lessons with a song and dance with the kids – “I love science, I love science…” Sherry was greatly skilled at teaching science to kids as young as three years old. Her creativity was endless. Even though I knew she was happily employed at Community Services, I was lamenting the fact that I would not have her as a teacher for this year’s summer school.

Now I am lamenting a far greater loss. The death of Sherry is a great personal loss, but an even greater loss to the children and parents of Martha’s Vineyard whose lives she touched and even more so, to those families she had not yet touched. May you rest in peace, Sherry.

Chris Ewing

Oak Bluffs