Vineyard Golf Club will use man-made frost to control weeds


The Vineyard Golf Club in Edgartown plans to test man-made frost to eliminate weeds naturally without the use of chemicals or herbicides. Artic, Inc. based in Winston-Salem, N.C., developed the Frostbite System.

Jeff Carlson, golf superintendent, spoke about plans to use a “green alternative” for weed control at the Western Canada Turfgrass Association’s 49th Annual Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, according to a press release.

Mr. Carlson is not permitted to use pesticides or synthetic chemical treatments of any kind to maintain the club’s exclusive 18-hole golf course, described as the most environmentally sensitive in the country.

The system provides post-emergent control for annual bluegrass, crabgrass, dandelion and other major weeds.”Using frost to kill weeds just makes so much sense,” Mr. Carlson said. “We don’t have any other broad-spectrum, post-emergent weed control for organic use.”

Frostbite uses man-made frost to control weeds without traditional chemical herbicides. Through the controlled expansion of compressed air, the system kills any frost-susceptible weeds while leaving cool-season grasses unharmed. Frostbite is effective with a single application and can be used in hot or cold temperatures and in wet or rainy conditions, according to the company.