Vineyard Nutrition has new owners


Registered dieticians Josh and Prudence (Athearn) Levy of Edgartown are the new owners of Vineyard Nutrition, a nutrition and weight loss counseling practice owned for 24 years by Denise Guest. Ms. Guest has sold her practice in order, she says, to focus on her “Be My Guest,” granola product line development.

The Levys recently moved back to the Island to raise their two young boys close to family.

“It has always been our dream to own a private nutrition counseling practice together,” Mr. Levy said. “And, to be able to come home to do so fulfills a dream Prudence has had since she left the Athearn farm to start a professional life 17 years ago.”

The couple, each of whom holds a master’s degree in human nutrition, said their shared counseling philosophy is a focus on small, realistic, individualized steps to empower and motivate clients “to choose foods that nourish and heal the body.”

Their new office is located at 140 Cooke Street, Edgartown (in the front office of the same building as the Detrick Lawrence Corp.). For more information, call 508-627-3235.