The Pit Stop gets on track with a weekend music lineup


Don Muckerheide will waste no time opening Oak Bluffs’s newest music venue. Tuesday, selectman approved Mr. Muckerheide’s application for a business and entertainment license. Wednesday, he announced the opening lineup at The Pit Stop Workshop Co. on Dukes County Avenue.

Willy Mason, Nina Violet, Marciana Jones, and Adam Lipsky are scheduled on Friday. On Saturday, there will be a CD release party for Master Exploder. Doors open at 7 pm and music starts at 8 pm.

“The Pit Stop Workshop Co. is a member-supported community recreation room, consisting of a performance space for music, poetry, plays, puppet shows, and independent films, as well as a gallery for the visual arts,” Mr. Muckerheide, owner of the building, said in a press statement. “The goal is for the Pit Stop Workshop Co. to purchase the property so this year-round venue becomes a permanent asset to the Vineyard community.

“Community support is essential for the success of this alternative venue, because we do not sell alcohol.”