Mitt Romney takes the presidential Primary on Martha’s Vineyard


Dukes County voters turned out in small numbers for the Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 6. Only 13 percent of registered voters participated, and their choices resembled Massachusetts state-wide results.

The Republican ballot featured the only contested races, which may help to explain why the Republican turnout exceeded the Democratic vote on an Island where registered Democrats heavily outnumber Republicans.

Mitt Romney got 65 percent of the votes cast Islandwide (72 percent statewide), Rick Santorum 16 percent (12 percent statewide), Ron Paul 13 percent (10 percent statewide), and Newt Gingrich six percent (five percent statewide).

President Barack Obama received 93 percent (89 percent statewide) of votes cast by those who chose a Democrat ballot.

Dukes County has a large number of unenrolled voters. In Massachusetts unenrolled registered voters, called independents in many states, may vote in whatever party primary they choose.

According to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office, Dukes County voters are registered as follows: Democrat 4,853, or 36.19 percent; Republican 1,417, or 10.57 percent; Green 25, or .19 percent; and Unenrolled 7,064, or 52.68 percent.

The state primary elections will be September 6. The last day to register to vote in the Massachusetts primary is August 17.

The last day to register for the state election, November 6, is October 17. Prospective voters may register at their town halls.