Sheriff’s Meadow adds Chappy property to conservation portfolio

The view toward Edgartown from Sheriff's Meadow Foundations newly acquired Mattern property. — Photo courtesy of Sheriff's Meadow Foundation

Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation (SMF) has bought a 2.3-acre property on Chappaquiddick. The December 19, 2011 acquisition, from Virginia Mattern, came at what SMF, in its announcement March 16, describes as a “generous” price, $100,000.

The new Sheriff’s Meadow property sits upon Manaca Hill, the hill on Chappaquiddick nearest Chappy Point. To those heading inland on Chappaquiddick from the ferry, the property is the hillside on the right, across the street from the Chappy Beach Club and abutting Edgartown’s Gardner property.

“We are so pleased to have conserved this beautiful property,” Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation’s executive director, Adam Moore, said in a press statement. “We are very grateful to Ms. Mattern for her conservation vision and for her generosity in making this property available at such a bargain price. We look forward to being the steward of this land and a good neighbor in the Manaca Hill community.”

From atop the ridge that scales the property, Mr. Moore said, one commands a majestic view that stretches from Katama Bay to Cape Poge. Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation plans to create, maintain and enhance these vistas and to create a path so that people can enjoy the view. As a portion of the land has been overtaken by invasive bittersweet vines, Sheriff’s Meadow plans to remove these vines and any other invasive plants. The property will never be developed and will be held for conservation purposes in perpetuity.

SMF acted quickly to buy this property, as soon as Ms. Mattern presented the opportunity. The foundation, Mr. Moore explains, drew funds for the purchase from dedicated land acquisition funds that must be replenished. To replenish those accounts, pay for the work needed on the property, and to establish an endowment, Sheriff’s Meadow will conduct a fundraising campaign with those aims. Mr. Moore, (508) 693-5207, or, invites inquiries from prospective donors.

Mr. Moore expressed SMF’s gratitude to Ms. Mattern and to those who have already contributed toward the conservation of this land.