Kind of a waste


To the Editor:

Recently, someone from shark savers came to the West Tisbury School, where I am a fourth grader, and taught us about sharks. She said that fishermen lay out miles and miles of fishing line. If they catch a shark, they’ll cut off its fins and throw the rest back into the water because it takes up too much room in the boat. The shark then drowns because it can’t swim.

Did you know that 73 million sharks are killed each year. Some fishermen hunt for just the fins, and some fishermen hunt for just the meat?

If you ask me, this is kind of a waste. Did you know that mercury and other chemicals that are not good for humans are inside sharks?

If you want to help stop wasteful and cruel killings of sharks, you can become a shark saver at, and take the pledge. I did.

Keith Healy

West Tisbury

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