Power to the peaceful


To the Editor:

As moderator for the Empowerment and Education Working Group of Occupy MV, I thank all the volunteers and businesses whose time and donations made The People’s Kitchen and our first Eyes Wide Open free community meal and movie event this past Saturday possible.

The People’s Kitchen is modeled after those of the same name that arose at the various Occupy camps around the country before they were dismantled violently. The People’s Kitchen is supported solely by food donations from individuals, farmers, restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses who can contribute to our sanitation and food preparation needs.

The community support was not only generous but absolutely amazing. We express our immense gratitude and give recognition to Cronig’s Market, Tropical Restaurant, Vineyard Grocer, Tisbury Farm Market, Jimmy Sea’s Pan Pasta, Lattanzi’s Restaurant, Espresso Love, Waterside Market, Rocco’s Family Style Italian Restaurant, Mermaid Farm, Shirley’s Hardware, Cash and Carry, The Net Result, Alley’s General Store, Orange Peel Bakery, Stop & Shop (Edg.), Reliable Market, Our Market, and Sarah Nevin for their food donations. We would also like to thank Rick O’Gorman and WVVY for inviting us on his show to discuss the event and the film, and the MV Times, the Vineyard Gazette, MVPatch.com, and WMVY for spreading the word about our event.

It is our mission to empower and educate our fellow Islanders through various interactive social events in order to help create a sustainable, supportive community for all in these challenging times. We resonate with Thomas Hardy and his quote,”If a path to the better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst.”

When we look at and discuss dark realities together, we are much more unlikely to fall into fear, hysteria, and unconscious reaction, enabling us to co-create positive solutions and outcomes for our Island, our country, and the world. Power to the peaceful.

Lisa Vunk

Oak Bluffs