Canine view of beach use


To the Editor:

Hello, my name is Cooper. I am an eight-year-old English setter who lives in West Tisbury with a short, plump, balding human called Steve. Last night, I attended my first public meeting at a place called the Howes House. A group of about 20 fully grown humans gathered to discuss the complicated issues related to me and many of my canine friends’ future use of Lambert’s Cove Beach during the summer months.

To my amazement, the meeting was all about hope and possibility. The humans, uncharacteristically, made a good faith effort to understand each other. One particular female human named Karen, I think she is a rabbi, whatever that is, suggested that a way must be found to accommodate each other’s needs and share the precious jewel of Lambert’s Cove Beach. Her wise and thoughtful ideas precipitated a subtle, yet profound sea change throughout the remainder of the meeting.

Prior to this experience, I must admit to having serious doubts about the potential of humans to act rationally and with compassion. I was encouraged. See you at the beach.


Submitted by Steve Maxner

West Tisbury