Edgartown police seek charges in State Forest car break-in


Edgartown Police will seek charges against two Island men they say broke into a motor vehicle and stole a purse last fall. Detective Chris Dolby said that the two men, in trying to blame each other for the crime, implicated themselves during interrogation.

On September 5, 2011, Vera Dellorusso returned from exercising in the Manual Correllus State Forest off Barnes Road in Edgartown, to find her car window smashed and her purse gone.

According to a police report, an informant’s tip led to Charles J. Rutkowski, 30, of Oak Bluffs, and Matthew S. Look, 31, of Vineyard Haven. Police said both men have a criminal history of drug violations and larceny.

Over the course of several months, while questioning the two men separately about unrelated incidents, Sergeant Dolby asked them about the car burglary.

“I believe there is sufficient probable cause indicating that the two individuals participated together in the commission of this crime,” Det. Sgt. Dolby wrote in his report. “They are both clearly attempting to shift the blame onto one another, while doing so, admitting that they were both there and participated.”

Police are seeking charges of breaking and entering into a motor vehicle, larceny over $250, and property damage against the two men.