Poet’s Corner: Ode to the Roundabout


Ode To The Roundabout Round and round goes the roundabout.Some have praise while others have doubt.It has come to a vote, not once but twice,Comments and banter anything but nice. Buses and trucks and trailers with boats,Mopeds and motorcycles, walkers with totes,Joggers and rollerbladers, cars and bikes,And doggies on leashes and kids on trikes. All converge at the busy crossroad,Some like a rabbit, some like a toad.Some will be texting or checking the map,While others have drinks and food in their lap. Most will travel in the hours of daylight,Others will pass in the dark of the night.Some know the rules, for others it’s new,And those from abroad may not have a clue. For most of the year, the stop signs work fine,For two busy months, it’s all about time.So, what are the options, what will be right,Blinker, stop signs, or full traffic light ? The people will vote in most every town,They’ll give it thumbs up, or give it thumbs down.What are the answers to what will work well ?What must happen for the banter to quell ? While the options have been a really hard sell,One thing is for certain…the future will tell. PSBy the time we fix our traffic lanes,Our vehicles will be aeroplanes.

John C. Wightman is a photographer and resident of Aquinnah.

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