Surveillance nets two on drug charges in Oak Bluffs’ Niantic park


Island police arrested one man and sought charges against another after members the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force broke up what they described as a drug deal in Oak Bluffs Niantic park.

On March 23, Edgartown police officer Mike Snowden and Detective Sergeant Chris Dolby spotted Boyd T. Reece, 20, of Edgartown, and Fernando D. Freire, 22, of Tisbury, approaching each other from opposite ends of Niantic Park in Oak Bluffs, according to a police report. The Edgartown officers were conducting surveillance in Oak Bluffs, as part of the drug task force.

Police said the men are well known to Island drug investigators, and Mr. Freire has been the subject of past investigations.

“I then observed Freire and Boyd meet in the middle of the park, and converse for a short period of time,” Officer Snowden wrote in his report. “I then observed Freire reach into his pants by lifting up his belt and pull something out from his groin area. Freire then reached down toward his dog, as did Boyd, and then in a discrete manner Freire handed Boyd a small object.”

Police approached Mr. Boyd as he got into a vehicle parked nearby. They found a gram of cocaine in the car, and confiscated $200 in cash. Police arrested him and transported him to the Dukes County Jail for booking.

Oak Bluffs police later located Mr. Freire and issued a summons to him appear in Edgartown District Court.

Police will seek charges of possession of cocaine, and conspiracy to violate drug laws, against both men.