Benefits for all, including employees


To the Editor:

By way of introduction, we have worked at State Road since it opened and, before that, some of us worked with Mary and Jackson Kenworth at their restaurants in Oak Bluffs. In one capacity or another, we have worked with them for quite awhile.

After seeing the discourse in the newspapers about Question Two on this Thursday’s West Tisbury ballot which would allow restaurants seating more than 50 to serve beer and wine, we felt compelled to write. As Islanders, we understand the concerns that have been voiced, but we are confident this step is a good one.

Granting these licenses will not bring liquor or beer or wine into West Tisbury restaurants. It’s already there. It will, however, give us greater control of consumption over the course of an evening.

Most likely, it will also help our own take-home pay. We love our work or we wouldn’t keep returning, but we don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a little more money at the end of a shift. So, yes, we would appreciate the opportunity to earn a little more. We have families and every bit helps, for sure.

So, we’re writing to ask West Tisbury voters to consider voting yes on Question Two, because we believe there are real benefits not just for us, but for the town in regulating and monitoring beer and wine licenses. With restaurant life as our day-to-day livelihood, we sincerely only see the positives, and we honestly can’t envision any erosion to the core characteristics of this very special town. Thank you for your consideration.

Tracy Briggs, West Tisbury

Andrea DelloRusso, Edgartown

Michael Emig, West Tisbury

Paul J. Kron, Chilmark

Caitlin Lewis, Oak Bluffs

Maura Martin, Vineyard Haven

Leslie Myers, Vineyard Haven

Astrea Young, West Tisbury