With an egg hunt here and an egg hunt there. Here an egg, there an egg, everywhere we find an egg. Good old Chilmark had some fun, e i e i o. Although the Duck Inn way west in Aquinnah is a draw for so many, we kept it a little closer to home and bushwhacked over the hill to cousin Robin Smith and Jim Hickey’s house. Tucked behind the house nestled in among the stone walls and bubbles blowing in the breeze we found, to mention just a few, Olive, Violet, Alexandra and Shawn MacPhail, Emmet, Noli and Isaac Taylor, Laina, Nancy and Jimmy Benoit, Eleanor Neubert, Billy Dillon, Amy Miller, Augusta and Lucia Dillon and more enjoying the company, brunch and elaborate hunt the welcome couple had to offer.

The Villa family is full of exciting news. Margo and Marc shared a little something about the whole gang. Son Mike was married on Whistler Mountain B.C last month to a wonderful young woman, Jessica Powers. They are packing up, leaving Whistler and moving east at the end of the month. They are still undecided on where they will drop their bags and rest their heads, but what is certain is they will unpack somewhere on the east coast. Mike has just been promoted to Chief Mate on a 500-foot cable laying ship Tyco “Dependable” based in Portland, Oregon. Daughter Melissa and her husband Cecil French will be welcoming a baby girl in June. Ten-year-old big brother Lorenzo is noticeably excited. Daughter Andrea and her husband Shane Birkel are excited to also welcome a new family member due to join in the fun in September. All hope that 18-month-old big sister Lucy will be equally excited.

Andrew and Katie Loveluck were at their Pepperbush Lane home along with their parents Juan and Mickey. It was a bit like old home week at the Texaco with Katy Smith, Katie Loveluck, Cody Coutinho, and Bradley Carroll all in the room. We were certainly missing a few, but the summer crew looked pretty close to intact for a moment there. Cody was home for a long weekend taking a break from studies at Merrimack College.

Spotted on the ball field in the center of town were all five members of the Stanley family. Malia (Scott), Chris, Eva, Theo, and Quinn ventured down for the holiday weekend and met up with a slew of Fischers and Scotts including parents, siblings, and cousins. The Stanley kids joined in the fun after school let out on Friday with a band of children running, jumping, sliding, and kicking a soccer ball. Cousins Maeve Cook-Martin and Tristan and Charlotte Scott were among the crowd, too.

The entire student body of the Chilmark School is off Island today for their annual candlepin bowling adventure. Although it’s part of their phys ed program, they began preparing last week by doing math problems. Yes, Brooks came home and said Miss Channon Capra, their phys ed whiz, said bowling and math go together. Perhaps its something about statistics? Perhaps it’s something to do with addition facts? Miss Channon, you are a genius for creating an all encompassing curriculum.

Tomorrow night, Friday the 13th, the Chilmark School PTO is hosting a no-frills family dance party from 6 to 8 pm at the CCC. Fun for all ages is the plan. No big set up, no big hullabaloo about decorations just a knock-your-socks-off, get-up-and-go kickoff to school vacation week. Please bring a dessert or appetizer to share if you are so inclined. If you can’t pull a dish off, just stop in for a little bit of social time.

We have all taken a few moments out of our lives to remember a friend. Many have had moments where her presence has been deeply missed. It is time to gather with friends and family to honor Amanda Hutchinson. At 1 pm on Sunday April 29, a memorial gathering for her will he held at the Chilmark Community Center. All are welcome to enjoy pictures, share stories and memories and celebrate Amanda’s life.