Faith in you restored


To the Editor:

I have stopped watching the news because it is so depressing, but once again a Vineyarder — I don’t know why I’m surprised — has restored my faith in humanity.

I recently lost a fairly valuable necklace on a trip to the Post Office in Edgartown. As soon as I realized it was gone, I retraced my steps, but to no avail.

I called the police and reported it and then put an ad in The Times Lost and Found. Almost a week went by, and just when I felt I would never see my necklace again, the paper came out and I got a call almost immediately from Nanette Lynch, saying she had found it.

I was delighted and tried to give her a reward, which she refused. This kind of thing happens on a regular basis on Martha’s Vineyard. I truly believe that we live in a special and caring community. I feel it is a privilege to live here.

Carolyn O’Daly