Farmer supports beer and wine sales


To the Editor:

As a resident and farmer of West Tisbury, I am writing to show my support of the town of West Tisbury’s warrant to allow beer and wine sales in restaurants seating 50 or more guests.

I do not believe that the allowing these three establishments to serve beer and wine to their guests will threaten or harm the character or ambience of the great town of West Tisbury. In fact, our neighboring towns that have recently passed similar measures have found that none of their initial concerns associated with beer and wine licenses ever materialized. This has been supported by police, residents, and fellow merchants.

I strongly support giving the selectman the authority to craft regulations and monitor establishments directly. This will enable the town to influence more control than the current system of guests bringing their own alcohol (BYOB). I also believe that the level of control is enhanced for the owners and operators of these establishments when monitoring and controlling the alcohol intake of their guests.

Cleveland Farm’s business has grown considerably in recent years, and one of the main factors is the support I have received from many of the local restaurants that purchase locally. I equally want to support these businesses by creating a business-friendly framework for them to offer their customers a more complete dining experience. In addition, I feel very strongly about supporting their employees who work so hard throughout the year in this vitally important trade for our town and Island community.

Richard Andre

Cleveland Farm

West Tisbury