Not the right word


To the Editor:

I always enjoy reading the town columns each week and finding out all the news around the Island. So it was with much dismay that I read the Aquinnah column last week, April 5, and found Molly Purves’s opening sentence so disturbing.

In reference to the two tragedies that occurred in West Tisbury, she said “The Island has been a little too exciting lately.”

When I think of the word exciting, it invokes energizing or thrilling — certainly not words to describe the heartbreaking events that happened here. How would the families of the three victims feel reading that?

I would urge Ms. Purves to be a little more thoughtful and empathetic when writing about such a sensitive subject. After all, we are a very closely knit community and take pride in supporting one another in times of hardship and grief. I would hope that includes being tactful and caring in our discussions and writing.

AnneMarie Donahue