West Tisbury says cheers to beer and wine, no Roundabout

West Tisbury voters mark their choices. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

West Tisbury voters faced a ballot Thursday with no electoral contests but plenty of suspense surrounding four ballot questions.

Voters agreed to authorize selectmen to permit restaurants to sell beer and wine. The vote was 502-203.

Following the town meeting vote on Tuesday, April 10, voters overwhelmingly agreed to finance the restoration and renovation of the West Tisbury Free Public Library. The vote was 559-139.

Asked in a non-binding question if a roundabout should be built at the Blinker intersection in Oak Bluffs, West Tisbury voters, who earlier funded a court challenge against the project, said no 508-176 yes.

Voters approved a Proposition 2.5 question to fund $2.3 million in road reconstruction, 461-229.

A total of 718 voters, or 31 percent of the town’s 2,331 voters, participated.

“I was extremely pleased with the big turnout,” town clerk Tara Whiting said. “Town elections, particularly when there are no contests, are usually pretty quiet.”

Town officers elected were town moderator, F. Patrick Gregory (625); selectman, Jeffrey “Skipper” Manter (572); board of health, Timothy A. Barnett (589); board of assessors, Michael Colaneri (536); treasurer, Katherine Logue (602); tax collector, Brent B. Taylor (600); town clerk, Tara J. Whiting (642); tree warden, Jeremiah Armstrong Brown (579); library trustees: Harvey W. Garneau Jr (553), Melissa McKee Hackney (570); finance committee, Gregory Orcutt (559); planning board: Matthew Merry (591), Beatrice Phear (531); constable, Timothy A. Barnett (562); park and recreation committee, Lisa Amols (547).