I didn’t even realize it was already April school vacation. My, how time flies. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks you’ve all been keeping it a secret so I don’t harass you for vacation news. Well, I have my sources, people. (Mua ha ha ha…) Well, I hope everyone has a fun break, and if my weather app is to believed, even those who stay put will have it none too shabby.

Congratulations to everyone who made it through three-and-a-half hours of Town Meeting — the longest I can remember — and to those who won their various town posts in Thursday’s election. I mentioned last week that Joel Graves would be vying for the Park Commissioner’s seat held by Glen Searle for decades, but failed to say thanks to Glen for all his years of hard work. I heartily participated in the round of applause held in his absence on the Town Meeting floor, and here I say again, thanks Glen! Great job! Also, best of luck to Joel.

The Edgartown Library will honor Debby MacInnis, Friday, April 20, from 2 to 4 pm, for her 35 years (and counting) of service to the library. Wow! I’m struck by the significance of this, as I will be turning 35 this year, and after beginning my love of books in the Children’s Room with Ms. MacInnis, I went on to study children’s literature in college. So basically, I never grew out of the Children’s Room, and I suppose that is a testament to Ms. MacInnis’s service. Stop by and say congratulations and share a snack with one who has inspired a love of books in so many of our town’s children, this kid included.

Happy birthday to lifelong Edgartown native Francis “Sandy” Fisher who celebrated his 96th on Saturday, April 14, surrounded by friends and family. According to his daughter, Madeline, the day was spent reminiscing about growing up in Edgartown and the changes they all have experienced since the earlier times. Photos were exchanged and a good time was had by all. Great to hear news of these generational Edgartown families who stick around.

The M.V. Center for Living will sponsor a lecture on the history of the Campground and Tabernacle and their continued influence on our island life, Saturday, April 21, from 12 to 2 pm at the Grill on Main.Jodie Falkenburg, a tour guide for the Campground visitors, will speak at the luncheon, joined by Bob and Lynn Gatchell, who have photographed and written two books about the architectural style of the cottages, called “carpenter gothic.” For more information, or to reserve your space, call Leslie Clapp at 508-939-9440.

Happy birthday to Meghan Neely, who celebrates April 20; to Derek Mahoney, April 21; Jody Drake, April 22; Jason Dyer, April 23; and to Stacy Ickes, April 24. Hope you guys have a lot of fun!

Note to my readers: Thank you for the invitations to join your various social networking sites, but too much online time takes away from face time on the streets shaking news out of you folks, so Facebook and Twitter (@linleyd) are it for me.

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