Martha’s Vineyard Superintendent James Weiss keeps his grades up


Superintendent of Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools James Weiss earned high marks again in his annual evaluation by his cabinet, which includes school administrators, central office administrators, and the All-Island School Committee (AISC).

AISC personnel chairman Roxanne Ackerman presented a written summary of evaluation to the committee at a meeting on April 12. Ms. Ackerman said it is apparent that both the superintendent’s cabinet and the AISC “…hold him in high regard and support the work he is doing for our Island schools.”

The superintendent’s evaluation consisted of a checklist of items under headings such as educational direction, communications, leadership, and systemic functions. There were six responses for each item, ranging from “fails to meet expectations,” to “exceeds expectations.”

“An overwhelming percentage of respondents found that Dr. Weiss ‘always meets’ or ‘exceeds expectations,'” Ms. Ackerman noted.

This was the last year the AISC’s own method for evaluating the superintendent will be used. Under a new evaluation system mandated by the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, student learning and educator practice will be linked to determine performance ratings for administrators, from superintendents to principals, as well as teachers.

Mr. Weiss and assistant superintendent of instruction and curriculum Laurie Halt have already worked on a process to implement the new system’s requirements for the 2012-2013 school year, which is the deadline for Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools and other school districts that received state Race to the Top Funds.

The AISC voted at the April 12 meeting to adopt the state’s template for the new evaluation system.