Poets Corner: Sing Spring


Sing Spring

Rain aquamarine

Down translucent windows

Burbles in downspouts,

Staccato in blue-black puddles

On wet-slick streets

Until golden sun and lake-blue sky

Break forth in carols to the day.

Tulips trill their colors.

Birds, high notes of red

And black and orange,

Flash by, warbling equinox to

Barely green-leafed trees.

Hyacinths chant purple,

And crocuses lilt happiness

In dulcet tones.

Forsythia and daffodils

Harmonize in place —

Fortissimo of yellow,

Dipping to the rhythm

Of the breeze.

Music fills the air

With rare perfume.

The symphony of spring

Is here, to lift your

Heart and soul with hope

If you just open your eyes

And listen.

Barbara Peckham has lived on Martha’s Vineyard since 2001. A retired teacher, in 2011 she published a book of poetry, “A Jar of Summer.”

The Martha’s Vineyard Times welcomes contributions to Poet’s Corner. Dan Waters, former poet laureate of West Tisbury, will select poems to be published here. Submissions should be directed to dan@indianhillpress.com.