Landscaping and traffic flow


To the Editor:

When we all finally realize the natural beauty of an island within an Island – the roundabout, that is – then we can seize upon it as the great opportunity that it truly is for a wonderful landscape, providing smooth traffic flow.

I can easily picture flowering shrubs and grasses, a few flowering trees covering a mound, something to raise our spirits as we circulate around it. Perhaps a well-proportioned lighthouse visible, as we approach, to remind everyone to steer right. That way it can still be seen as the Blinker, to which we have become so accustomed.

Maybe some local competition to design the seasonal aspects of its appearance. When one considers the frustrating stop/go/stop/go alternative that we have to fool around with now, how can this possibly not be seen as a massive improvement? I’m flabbergasted by the current lack of vision.

Besides, the triangle at Edgartown could probably benefit from similar treatment.

Neil Withers

West Tisbury