Tisbury selectmen approve Tashmoo dredge contract

Jon Snyder, right, attended his first meeting as Tisbury selectmen. His colleagues are Jeff Kristal, left, and Tristan Israel, center, the chairman. — Photo by Janet Hefler

The Tisbury selectmen approved a contract with Barnstable County, to spend up to $150,000 to dredge the Lake Tashmoo inlet channel. It was the first document Jon Snyder signed as a newly elected selectman.

Harbormaster Jay Wilbur said the contract would allow for dredging approximately 15,000 yards. The dredge project will be funded with $72,000 appropriated by voters at the April 10 town meeting and $78,000 from a previous appropriation.

Mr. Wilbur also asked for an emergency fund transfer of $25,000, to take of the dredging work to remove an additional 4,000 yards. The finance and advisory committee will consider the transfer request at a meeting tonight.

Tisbury contracted for the Barnstable County dredge because the Edgartown dredge has been decommissioned for the season, Mr. Wilbur told The Times in a phone call yesterday. He said the contract did not require a bid process, because it took the form of a municipal agreement.

“We have to operate under a three-day waiver, because of restrictions on dredging at this time of year from the Department of Environmental Protection,” Mr. Wilbur said. Since Barnstable County’s dredge has a much larger capacity, we can get more done in that time than Edgartown’s could.”

Mr. Wilbur said the waiver applies only to the inlet and allows for three days of dredging before May 15. “We’ll do the inlet dredging first, and then likely will be continuing to dredge on the outside after that. The whole project should only take a week.”

In other business, the selectmen held five public hearings and approved three petitions from NSTAR for the installation of underground cable and conduit for private residences on Main Street. They approved an application for a beer and wine license from owner Jean Dupon for his new eatery, Le Bistro, and a new common victualler’s license for Harbor Café at 86 Beach Road.

The selectmen also approved the first proposal for use of the newly renovated Spring Building, from the Vineyard Playhouse for a children’s theatre arts summer camp from July 9 to August 24, pending a certificate of occupancy.