Come on, selectmen, support local businesses


To the Editor:

After reading your article on West Tisbury buying gas from the Vineyard Transportation Agency (VTA) [“West Tisbury standing by decision to go with VTA gas,” April 30] instead of buying gas from the Jenkinson gas station, the savings the town of West Tisbury expects to gain is $5,000. How much does that break down per taxpayer?

Have any West Tisbury taxpayers or selectmen bought gas at Pat’s at discounted prices on Sundays in the winter? Pat and his family deserve better from West Tisbury.

Chilmark taxpayers bought a farm on Middle Road. They are now in the process of giving it away with $100,000 to repair the buildings. This is supporting farming. Now to save money, the selectmen of Chilmark want to buy one-third of the town’s gas from the VTA. Menemsha Texaco deserves better. Come on, selectmen. Support local business.

John A. Larsen