Enforce the law


To the Editor:

This coming Saturday, May 12, there will be an event at the Field Club in Edgartown. This is a private club, according to the application filed with the Martha’s Vineyard Commission and the town of Edgartown in 2006.

The designation as a private club afforded the owners considerable flexibility during the permit process. As stated by their attorney, Sean Murphy, in letters to the commission dated May 26, 2006, and June 20, 2006, the club would not serve as host to any public events (except for certain specific charitable obligations) and also that the club would not cause to use amplified music “that can be heard by neighboring properties.” The Edgartown Board of Trade is the sponsor for this event.

What should concern all Edgartown residents and especially those within earshot of this facility is that what started out as a private club that didn’t really fit in very well has proven that it wants to be more. As this happens, the unlawful activities impact the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhood, and the facility owners are empowered to continue to take advantage of lax enforcement in Edgartown.

We should all comply with the law, and when those laws are deliberately violated, we should voice our concern to those who should be helping us. I certainly wish the Board of Trade all the success they deserve (although they did not return my phone calls), but if this concerns you call the Edgartown building inspector at 627-6115, if you hear music this Saturday night.

The Edgartown police diligently enforce our noise ordinance, so if you hear music after 10 pm (the town standard for residential areas), call them as well. I have called building inspector Lenny Jason several times, and every year I am told to call him if I hear anything (which I do), and nothing happens. So maybe he needs to hear from more people to be encouraged to enforce the law.

David Nash