Nuclear plant protests planned


To the Editor:

The nuclear power plant in Plymouth is being relicensed. This is an old plant of the same design and with the same safety issues as the plant in Japan that failed last year. The radiation released in Japan reached farther than the distance between Plymouth and Martha’s Vineyard.

There is a 10-mile zone around the plant that is planned for emergency evacuation. This does not include the Cape or Martha’s Vineyard. The Bourne and Sagamore bridges over the canal will be closed in an emergency, preventing us from reaching safety.

People from Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod will be demonstrating to draw attention to these problems on Sunday, May 13, 1 pm, at the Sagamore Bridge and Sunday, May 20, 1 pm, in Plymouth near the plant.

Chris Riger

Cynthian Aguilar

West Tisbury