Traffic change ruined Winthrop Avenue neighborhood


To the Editor:

We, the families of Winthrop Avenue, demand the removal of the one-way section of Dukes County Avenue. This incomplete resolution to a problem originating from a failure by the town to enforce zoning and parking regulations, has created an unacceptable and unsafe situation for us.

The “trial solution” has routed an unexpected and extraordinary amount of traffic to Winthrop Avenue, day and night. This traffic has created an unsafe situation for our children, devalued our investment in community, and generally lowered our quality of living.

The families of Winthrop Avenue will use every resource available to us to restore the way of life for which we have worked so hard.

Deirdre Bohan

David Diriwachter

Mary Ellen Rogers

Francis Garvey

Joe Peters

Jason Mallory

Marcie Meuller

Jim Parr

Eve Gates

Tara Corcoran

James Corcoran

Susan Charbonneau

Oak Bluffs