Edgartown police arrest two on drug charges

Edgartown Police arrested a California man on charges of rape.

Two Island men with long drug-crime records are back behind bars on drug charges again.

Edgartown police arrested Adam V. Tucker, 23, of Edgartown, and Martin J. Kelly, 38, of Edgartown, on Thursday, May 10, after watching the two men make a drug transaction, according to police reports. Mr. Kelly tried to flee from police.

Both men are currently on probation for past offenses. Bail was set at $6,000 each after their arraignment in Edgartown District Court on Friday. Both remain at the Dukes County Jail awaiting a probation hearing.

Police first saw the two separately in Edgartown’s downtown business district. They believe they might have interrupted a pre-arranged meeting there, because Mr. Kelley left the area on his motorcycle, but minutes later he was stopped by a police officer for an expired registration.

Shortly after the traffic stop, Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby saw Mr. Kelly arrive at Mr. Tucker’s house on Chase Road, where he witnessed an exchange. Mr. Kelly immediately got on his motorcycle and left the area.

Sergeant Dolby took Mr. Tucker into custody and seized $1,664 in cash. Sergeant Dolby wrote in his report that as he was arresting Mr. Tucker, he heard a radio call from Officer Mike Snowden, who had stopped Mr. Kelly a short distance away.

“I heard Officer Snowden calling for back-up and could clearly hear that he was involved in some type of altercation,” Sergeant Dolby wrote.

“During the stop, Kelly put something in his mouth and began to chew and attempt to swallow it,” Sergeant Dolby wrote, based on Officer Snowden’s report. “Kelly then attempted to flee on foot while he was trying swallow the object. Officer Snowden took control of Kelly by the arm.”

Police say Mr. Kelly spit out the object, which police later determined was illegal prescription narcotics inside a cellophane wrapper from a cigarette package.

Police arrested Mr. Kelly and seized the drugs and his motorcycle.

Mr. Kelly was charged with conspiracy and possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. Police will seek forfeiture of the motorcycle, because it was used as part of a drug crime.

Under questioning later, Mr. Tucker admitted he sold prescription narcotics to Mr. Kelly, according to the police report. He also was charged with conspiracy and possession of narcotics with intent to distribute.