How hurtful you have been


To the Editor:

After living here 26 years, I wish my first time writing a Letter to the Editor was for a happy reason. It’s actions such as these that make me lose faith in our younger generation. I need to say something to the person who vandalized my husband’s grave last week.

You may not realize how hurtful a deed you’ve committed. Graves are where we leave our loved ones, where we honor them and miss them endlessly.

My husband was a Viet Nam veteran, a person who proudly served his country and loved his family. I say these things in hopes that the person who vandalized his grave can comprehend the hurt you’ve caused by your actions. I won’t spend any more time thinking about you, I’ll fix the grave, but you may go on vandalizing. Sooner or later, life has a way of catching up with people who go around spreading ill will throughout the land.

Think about it.

Andrea Rogers

Oak Bluffs