Julian Robinson remembered


To the Editor:

My lasting memory and tribute to Julian, the wise old owl and poetic photographer.

Many years ago I presented a bird unit to my gifted second graders. This came about when we had the opportunity to have a caged owl in the classroom for a week. We covered many birds, but my main interest was the owl.

A few years ago I decided to present an owl unit to my friend’s visiting grandchildren on the Island. They learned all about owls via poems, songs, pictures, and stories. At the end of the lessons we decided to visit an ice cream parlor. On the walls of the parlor photos of Julian’s owls were displayed. When we left the shop we bumped into Julian himself. The children were simply delighted to meet Julian, and I don’t think they will ever forget about Julian and the owls.

Later on, I began a scrapbook of all of Julian’s photos and poems about birds. Thanks to Julian, I renewed my interest in birds and became a passive bird watcher. That is, I view the birds from my windows and deck and keep a journal illustrated with the bird stickers I view.

Keeping my 18 bird feeders full while repelling the 11 acrobatic squirrels is quite a task but oh, what a rewarding and fascinating experience.

Than you, Julian, you wise old owl.

Claudia Bowser

Oak Bluffs