Edgartown police get citizen assist in arrest of drug suspect

Edgartown Police arrested a California man on charges of rape.

Edgartown police arrested a West Tisbury man after watching what they describe as a hand-to-hand drug transaction that took place in a busy parking lot on May 18.

Hunter P. Denman, 31, tried to flee when confronted by police, who got an assist from a nearby store manager in subduing the suspect, according to the police report.

Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby said he saw Mr. Denman pacing along the porch in front of Your Market, in the Triangle business district. He saw a black Ford pickup pull in, and he saw an exchange between the driver and Mr. Denman.

After the exchange, Mr. Denman refused Sgt. Dolby’s order to stop, according to the police report. The sergeant took hold of Mr. Denman, who pulled away.

“At this time I radioed for back-up units,” Sgt. Dolby said.

Sgt. Dolby said Mr. Denman pulled away from him several times. “We were in front of Your Market, and manager Jameson Loveday was standing in the doorway. I asked Loveday to assist me, which he did, and I was able to handcuff the subject. I advised Hunter of his Miranda rights, and asked why he was acting like an idiot.”

Police later seized three methadone pills from Mr. Denman’s front pocket. Police placed him under arrest for possession of illegal narcotics and resisting arrest.