Oak Bluffs selectmen favor bank plans for former Oyster Bar

— Photo by Michelle Williams

Oak Bluffs selectmen were generally happy with the Edgartown National Bank’s plans for the former Oyster Bar Grill on Circuit Avenue, but they want the design tweaked.

The Edgartown National Bank plans a new branch on property it seized as part of foreclosure proceedings against the owners of the restaurant. William Christopher of Roche Christopher Architecture presented the blueprints of the proposal to the selectmen Tuesday.

Mr. Christopher said the space would hold the bank and two retail spaces on the first floor and condominium apartments on the second. The two condominiums will have roof-top decks with an eight-foot wall that is acoustically treated to help keep noise levels down.

The design drew mild criticism from the selectmen for what they said was its too-modern appearance.

“Isn’t it an opportunity to recreate the feel of a Victorian house?” selectman chairman Kathleen Burton asked Mr. Christopher, speaking specifically of the rooftop decks.

Selectman Gregory Coogan described the current design as “industrial looking.”

Mr. Christopher will meet with the Oak Bluffs Historical Commission to address these concerns next week. The selectmen voted in support of the plans.

Fielding Moore, president and chief executive officer of Edgartown National Bank, thanked the selectmen. “The building right now is kind of an eyesore,” he said. “This will go a long way to improving that part of town.”

In other business, the selectmen adopted new alcohol regulations that will allow bars in town to stay open longer.

At the recommendation of Oak Bluffs police chief Erik Blake, selectmen agreed to extend bar hours for the Memorial Day weekend. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, for the holiday weekend only, doors will close, and no entry allowed aftger 1:30 am, and bars will close and all patrons must leave at 2 am.

Selectmen also made a change to regular bar hours. Previously, doors closed, and no one could enter after 12:30 am, and bars would close at 1:30 am. Selectmen moved the time of doors closed to 1 am, while closing time remains the same, 1:30 am.

For the bars to stay open later, Chief Blake said he will need two officers on duty, for which local business owners offered to pay.

Selectmen also approved an application for an all alcohol license for Pirate Jack’s Burger Shack, in the space formerly occupied by O-Sun, opposite the police station.

This article reflects a correction in the permanent bar closing hours, and the temporary closing hours for the Memorial Day Weekend.